What is the cloud? Why should I care?

These are both questions that we hear often and the answer is quite important.

In media circles, magazines and forums all of the world you will find mentions of how unstable, security lacking and slow the cloud is. This is all true without the proper information, understanding and knowledge of how to implement at secure and robust Cloud Strategy.

ABDit are happy to help consult with you to ensure that you can connect to the cloud and take your workforce mobile.

Office 365

Office 365 is Fully Cloud Based

Office 365 Exchange is provided by Microsoft for any size organisation. Whether you are a lone wolf or a multi-national, Office 365 has the vast range of offerings to suit your unique requirements.

Office 365 is Cost effictive

Remove the requirement for expensive, bulky and costly to maintain on-premise solutions. Board the cloud and avoid the CAPEX requirement many suffer when undertaking deployment of on-premise Exchange solutions.

Office 365 is Provided by Professionals

We provide round-the-clock support for all customers we assist with Office 365 set up or migrations. There are no silly questions - no matter what time it is!

Cloud Backup Solutions

Ensuring that you have an up to date backup is crucial in all business enviornments.

The ability for a company to rebound after a potential loss of data can save thousands of dollars in lost wages and productivity.

If you are not bothered by the thought of your employees not being able to work for a week while data is restored, losing a few months worth of critical company documents you will never retreive or spending thousands of dollars to hackers, don't call ABDit - however, if any of these issues concern you, get in touch today!