Why ABDit for Data?

ABDit have done the hard yards on your behalf to prepare a selection of products and providers that we can connect to you. By ensuring that we maintain relationships with leading Australian ISPs (including Vocus, Telstra and AAPT) we can offer you a solution to fit your unique environment.

Whether you are looking for connectivity, network design or simply a chat about boosting your speeds, we've got you covered. Please contact us for a free quote to get connected ASAP!

Network Types

Selecting the correct network type will ensure your staff reach their peak e-productivity. Rather than recommending a one solution fits all approach, ABDit actively engage with the client to source a selection of offerings that will provide the optimal amount of speed and bandwidth.

ABDit have access to a wide range of technologies including ADSL2+, NBN, EFM, 4G, Microwave and Fibre. The aforementioned technologies are capable of giving you access to speeds ranging from 10 mbps right through to 10 gbps.

For remote and regional districts ABDit have got you covered with either Microwave or 4G connectivity tailored to fit your budget and situation.

Managed Routers

By choosing to use a Managed Router, ABDit can help you maintain high-uptime and quality cloud connectivity. We do so by sourcing the best option for every unique solution and not using a one size fits all approach.

Managed Routers are well suited to all industries and team sizes. Whether you have a sole office in the CBD or you have multiple site offices, a Managed Router can ensure your team are always well connected.

Failover and High Availability

ABDit Failover is a solution that will keep your uptime high and your downtime low. All solutions are purpose built to activate when your primary internet connectivity - ADSL, Cable, NBN, EFM, Fibre or P2P - suffers an outage. When paired with a Managed Router you can sleep peacefully knowing your work network is being taken care of.

Acting as a single point of call for your Managed Network, ABDit will be able to monitor all outages and act on your behalf to bring you back to optimal speed swiftly.