ABDit Design stands out by...

Pixel by pixel, query by query, ABDit's expert design and development team utilise a scientific approach to building your unique web solution.

Rather than taking a "scope in" - "scope out" approach to design and developing a web application that may have logical flaws or other faults, ABDit actively engage with all clients to ensure that the best solution is included in the final build.

Built for purpose

Where possible, ABDit avoid using widely available CMS systems.

This practice allows us to ensure high levels of data segregation, security and peace of mind are passed on to the end user.

We work hard to ensure that all of our websites and web applications are backed up and secured to limit any breaches to privacy or leaks of data.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Simple - All ABDit Cloud Hosting Solutions created are designed with simplicity in mind. Providing customers with a simple and quick guide and training where appropriate, we make sure you get online, fast.

Smart - ABDit Cloud Hosting Solutions built by ABDit are designed to cater to your requirements and specifications without over catering. Smart Monitoring and simple support will keep your systems optomised.

Secure - Internet and Systems Security are currently one of the biggest threats to your business. We make securing your hosted environment our job and allow you to do your job.